Secret Life of English

Are you tired of studying English grammar without being able to speak it? Does your career, business, or personal situation require fluency in English? Do you want to be able to communicate competently in English as soon as possible?

If so, Secret Life of English is for you.

This concise course marks the quickest path to communicative competence in English. 

Too many people dedicate great amounts of time and other resources to learn (or teach) English, but fail to achieve their goal. They study grammar for years, take exams, and pay a lot of money for books and courses that perpetuate the learning experience without satisfying the customer's need to speak English fluently.

Why is it that the "study grammar, then read, then write, then speak," model doesn't work? Because that's not the way humans naturally learn their languages. We learn by listening, speaking, reading, writing and then (if we happen to really, really care about the language beyond its day-to-day function), we study its philology. 

Perhaps you are able to read texts in English, but you are insecure in a conversational setting. 

Secret Life of English 

  • Reveals truths about the language that makes understanding others easy
  • Shows how to express yourself more accurately in English
  • Shows the path to confident fluency

How can you be sure of your ability to acquire English fluency?


The Secret Life of English reveals how they do it

A four-year-old knows a quarter of the vocabulary of the average adult, but she cannot read. One year later she can recognize the letters of the alphabet, but her reproduction is very weak. At six, she learns to read and write well enough to read her own storybooks and record short written responses to questions about them. She is on a steady, unstoppable path, but we don't expect any student to write grammatically pure essays until she has mastered word processing programs or can afford an editor.

In order to monetize their product, traditional language teaching emphasizes how hard it is to learn English. Sometimes, nobody ever speaks English in class. Grammar texts endlessly explain the verb to be, which makes people wonder if there really is some mystery about it that is beyond mortal comprehension. Students are tortured into reproducing scripts for scenarios that will never happen. Class hours (and hours, and hours) are spent correcting these random exercises.

The Secret Life of English is the alternative.