Be a Model Customer

Gain access to exclusive treats in the Showroom by being a Model Customer; it’s remarkably similar to being a super model. 

Can you model what you bought? Would you like to be rewarded for your trouble? Other Aunt Hill customers will be delighted to see how an item of clothing looks on you and how you combine it with other pieces from your wardrobe. They would also love to see how the Home Decor items purchased from Aunt Hill look in your space. Have you repurposed something in a unique way? Combined unusual elements? Made something you’re proud of? We want to see it!

How to Participate

  • Submit flattering photographs featuring items purchased from Aunt Hill by email to 
  • For each submission that is published on the Aunt Hill site in the product catalogue, you will receive a deposit of 300 Wooden Bucks (a.k.a, Woodies) in your Showroom Account. 

The Showroom showcases a small collection of items not available to non-member shoppers. Use your Woodies to have anything in this display delivered to your door at no charge. You can also collect more Woodies to burn in The Showroom by sharing on social media and for referring Aunt Hill to your friends.