Men's Fitting Room

Leave it to Aunt Hill to introduce an easy size guide that works for tops and bottoms on all body sizes and shapes.

  • Use a cloth measuring tape to determine the biggest measurement around the gentleman's chest, the smallest measurement around you waist, and the biggest measurement around his hips.
  • Ensure that the tape is horizontal with the floor all the way around on each of the three measurements.
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It's not likely you will find the exact measurement on this chart. Like The Price is Right, you want to find the closest measurement to that of the gentleman without going over the number on the chart. 

Start with the Waist

Don't worry that the number on the chart is larger than his actual waist size. Take note of the colour that the maximum measurement in his range is on. This is his Waist Colour.

For Shirts, Jackets, and Other Tops

Locate the colour of the range that best describes his chest measurement. Locate the point on the chart where the Chest Colour and Waist Colour meet. This colour (either his Waist Colour, Chest Colour, or both) is the gentleman's size for tops throughout Aunt Hill.

For Pants, Shorts, and Other Bottoms

Locate the colour of the range that best describes the measurement around the gentleman's hips. Locate the point on the chart where the Hip Colour and Waist Colour meet. This colour (either his Hip Colour, Waist Colour, or both) is his size for bottoms throughout Aunt Hill. 

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What if the Man Can't be Measured?

If the exact measurements of the gentleman are unknown, the average alpha-coded sizes have also been included on this chart. Check the tag, or measure an article of clothing that fits the gentleman to match the sizing on the chart. Mothers or partners can often be helpful.

It's always easier to take away than it is to add, so when in doubt, order a size up. Most people can hem a skirt, pants, or sleeves, but if the time eludes us or the adjustments needed are more complicated than machinery or know-how permits, clothing can be taken to the local seamstress for a glove-like fit. Supporting independent business is good for everyone because, "Small Business is Big Business!"