Cooking with Cannabutter Guide

1 Guideline for Cooking with Cannabutter

Dear Aunt Hill,

What are the basic guidelines to keep in mind when cooking with Cannabutter?

- Old & Just Getting Started

Dear Started,

Good on you! There is no age requirement to start anything!

Temperature is everything for the active ingredients in Cannabutter. No matter what process is used to make the butter, by the time it’s butter, it’s had enough heat.

This means that heating cannabutter, especially at high temperatures for long periods, will lessen its potency. There is still a lot of space in your dishes for cannabutter as it can easily tolerate under boiling temperatures for brief periods without being affected. Here are some examples:

  • Baking it into a cake is kinda useless, but using it to make the icing is A-OK.

  • Use cannabutter in pasta dishes by letting it melt in the cooked noodles just before adding the sauce.

  • Spread cannabutter on bread, crackers, and hot toast.

  • Add a dollop to beverages like warm milk and honey or hot chocolate.

  • Put cannabutter on baked potatoes, corn on the cob (if you still have the teeth for it!) as well as all your favourite vegetables.


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