Forget About The Panda: Cannabis Roots, Stalks, and Leaves at

Forget about the Panda: Cannabis Roots, Stalks, and Leaves

Dear Aunt Hill,

Where can I get the main ingredient for Cannabutter?

- a Forger

Dearest Forger,

Depending on how much Higher over 50 you are, you may have direct access to teenagers and young adults. This demographic is often curious and enterprising enough to grow their own cannabis. Those with particularly green thumbs will be nursing and coddling their “babies” with great care, part of which involves regular pruning of the leaves to allow the plant to put all of its energy into the flower. The flower is the part of the plant that is valued for getting high, and the leaves, stem and roots contain the elements of the plant that best serve the purposes of sleepless pain-sufferers. 

Your grandkids will be delighted to brag about the arrangement to their friends. You will have a safe source for your cheap and easy-peasy remedy to body parts that just can’t seem to find a place to be comfortable in bed. 

It should also be mentioned that cannabutter users report easier bowel movements first thing in the morning. If, gentle reader, you are not 50 and Higher, this news may seem out of place on such a hip page. Those of us who are, however, appreciate a good poop more than you can imagine. And “hip” is something replaceable.

In the absence of locally-located family members who cultivate, you might find someone through a nearby government-regulated cannabis store. This is especially true if the store sells seeds and/or cultivating equipment, as well as consumable cannabis products and accessories. Not many young people put much stock in the stalk, leaves, and roots, as explained before. If you can find someone who grows his or her own, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince them to give you their garbage. This is perfectly legal as long as there is no cash exchange. You might want to throw some treats the kid’s way, though.


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