In Defence of Sarcasm at

In Defence of Sarcasm

Dear Aunt Hill,

Is there a good way to be sarcastic?

- Feeling Mean


Dearest Feeling,

Sarcasm is best served hot.

For a kitchen to function, there are many layers of experience from various galaxies of knowledge that come together. To be successful, a meal must be delicious and served at the right temperature to a group of individuals simultaneously. Whiplash-like sarcasm requires similar passion and experience.

Sarcasm gets a universal bad rap because it's essentially a way of calling someone stupid in an imaginative way. Most people disapprove of this flavour of insult because they are bad at quick come-backs. This is similar to feeling disgust towards hockey because the team you played on lost a game.

In case the woken haven't noticed, sarcasm is a human form of insult that only hits those who are smart enough to defend themselves. It is completely lost among the absolutely ignorant and the blissfully indifferent.

Mislabeled as a verbal assault, sarcasm is a polite buffer against collisions (a real assault), as all human beings row, row, row our boats down the stream, navigating social waters. Sarcasm says, "Our boats are too different, please stop racing against me."

Of course, the words of one, however clever, are never the final expression of another. A woman is only competent to judge herself, ergo she is also the only person who knows her real truth. If the mere words of another weaken you so much that you lose functionality, consider this; 'The pen is mightier than the sword' only because the spirit is so much weaker than the flesh.


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