The Big Ignore at

The Big Ignore

Dear Aunt Hill,

Is there any defence against a narcissist?

- Feeling Trapped

Dear Feeling,

In any and all circumstances, the best defense (and offence) is to ignore the narcissisme completely. Even if it is not possible to pretend that this person does not exist, you still can ignore every insult towards you and every attempt to inconvenience you. 

When a bully can't intimidate a target, s/he either backs off to avoid further  "failure" or seeks for another target out of boredom. Like a dog waiting for someone to throw a ball for fetching, the narcissistic personality is completely dependant on a superior being.


There's no need to waste precious time re-re-re-hashing the sins of the devil with lovers and dear friends;

that's what therapists, hairdressers, and bartenders are for.

Don't think of narcissism as a load that gets heavier;

it is occasional, unusually bad weather.

Narcissism does not come with super-powers; but it makes adults act like two-year-old children.


The devil is naught without an audience.

Second Thoughts.  Greener Grass.


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