Dear Aunt Hill,

As a woman, are you afraid to go out alone at night?

- Curious Man


Dear Man,

There are many very good men. In fact, the vast majority of men on this planet are decent and honest people who would never hurt anyone or think of forcing them to do something they didn't want to do, regardless of their gender. But there is also a small group of men who feel that it is okay to push someone into doing something (even though they clearly don't want to do it) and even force it upon them if the resistance is persistent.

This small group of men makes being in public dangerous (at least uncomfortable) for all women. This group cannot be identified by skin color, religion, or social class, which is why women carry their keys between their knuckles when walking alone from A to B. Or avoid going out at night, altogether. They are the reason #metoo exists, although #duh best expresses the feeling.


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